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March 2008 • Volume 71 • Number 3

50 Illuminating Lessons with Mr. Electric by Shawn McMaster
59 David Copperfield: Inspired by Marvyn Roy
70 Phenomenon by Brad Henderson
42 Tenyo’s Magic World by Richard Kaufman
44 James Brandon: IcyHot Magic by Debbie Leifer

10 Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
12 On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
13 Now Performing at The Magic Castle and in Las Vegas
15 Max Maven’s Monthly Inquisition
16 Magicana by David Acer
16 The Four Envelope Test by Jim Steinmeyer
20 Leap of Faith by Daniel Garcia
21 Man in the Mirror by Boris Wild
22 Bank Lite by Patrik Kuffs
23 Hidden Gems: Not Quite Perfect Torn & Restored Card by Harry Lorayne
34 Waiting for Inspiration by Guy Hollingworth
1: Identifying Opportunities (Part Two)
2: Identifying Requirements
95 Top 10 Best-Selling Products

Light From the Lamp
94 Videos Reviewed by Dustin Stinett
94 The Bob Read Collection by Bob Read
96 Dai Vernon: From the End of My Cigar Parts 1 and 2 by Dai Vernon
96 The Ultimate Work: Handmucking by Tony Giorgio
97 The Roadrunner Cull by Kostya Kimlat
98 Kiddin’ Around by Chris Capehart
99 Magic Ranch by Don Alan
99 Magic Circus Shows 1 through 6 by Mark Wilson
99 Tricks Reviewed by David Regal
99 The Incredible Dancing Paper Napkin by Scott Francis/David Allen
100 Instinct by Mathew Mello
100 Twisting Spoon by Kikuchi Magic
100 The Second Guest/Route 1/What It Isn’t! by David Forrest
101 Helter Shelter by Bizzaro
101 Moving Point Products by Seo Magic
102 Sponge Eyeballs by Alan Wong (routine by Steve Marshall)
102 Compression by Daniel Lachman
102 Pastcards by Loch David Crane
103 Emptied by Paul Kostrach
103 Elite Card Guard
103 Airise 104 Books Reviewed by Jamy Ian Swiss
104 Bruce Cervon’s Castle Notebooks
____Volume One: Notebooks 1, 2, 3; 1964–1965 by Bruce Cervon
106 52 Ways to Cheat at Poker How to Spot Them, Foil Them,
____ and Defend Yourself Against Them by Allan Zola Kronzek
108 The Osterlind Trilogy by Richard Osterlind
112 Subscription Information/Advertisers Index

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