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May 2008 • Volume 71 • Number 5

50 Unexpected Miracles:
The Charmed Life of Patrick Martin
by Shawn McMaster
58 Patrick Martin and the Gyuto Monks
65 Patrick Martin: Dreams in Barcelona
69 Patrick Martin: The Enigma Cards
34 Charles Fort and the World of Magic by Jim Steinmeyer
37 An Excerpt from Charles Fort: The Man Who Invented the Supernatural
by Jim Steinmeyer
44 Illusions: A New Bar in Baltimore by Brian Wendell Morton
82 FISM: Third Venue is Final by Ann Hoffman

10 Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
12 On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
13 Now Performing at The Magic Castle and in Las Vegas
14 Memoirs of a Magic Dealer by Al Cohen
15 Max Maven’s Monthly Inquisition
16 Magicana by David Acer
16 Double Down by Shiv Duggal
17 Double Vision by Shiv Duggal
19 Click Pass Pinch Vanish by Shiv Duggal
20 Hidden Gems: Goin’ Fishin’ by Harry Lorayne
21 Geller Pretzel by Nathan Kranzo
28 Waiting for Inspiration by Guy Hollingworth
Part 4: Evaluating the Concepts
87 Top 10 Best-Selling Products

Light From the Lamp
86 Tricks Reviewed by Danny Orleans
86 iKnow by Jason Palter
86 Bonesaw by Michaelangelo
87 Perfection by Oz Pearlman
88 21st Century Phantom by Oz Pearlman
88 Szechuan Sampler by Fred Rosenbaum
89 Impervious by Christopher Williams and Jeremy Hanrahan
89 TnR by Mathieu Bich
90 Videos Reviewed by Dustin Stinett
90 The Impromptu Miracles of Bob Read: “The Lost Footage”
by Bob Read
91 Stand Up & Deliver by Jeff Blum
92 The Mystics: A Fifty Year Legacy by Shelley L. Jenkins
92 Stealing Pips by Oz Pearlman
93 Funny Business: The Niagara Comedy Magic Seminar 2007 by Ferentino, Merry, Sheets, et al
94 A Tribute to the Card Tricks of Stewart Judah by Ryan Swigert
94 Books Reviewed by Jamy Ian Swiss
94 Approaching Magic by David Regal
98 Jack Parker’s 52 Memories by Andi Gladwin
104 Subscription Information/Advertisers Index

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