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January 2009 • Volume 72 • Number 1

56 Wayne Dobson: Changes and Choices by Dustin Stinett
66 Fluke by Wayne Dobson
67 Rainbow by Wayne Dobson
44 Lynetta Welch: Tailor. Tinker. Soldier. Spy. by Paul Critelli
48 Ghostly Pocket Hank by Lynetta Welch
74 Your Vote is Magic! by David Oliver

10 Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
12 On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
13 Now Performing at The Magic Castle and in Las Vegas
15 Max Maven’s Monthly Inquisition
16 Cryptic Crossword, No. 1 by Josh Mandel

18 Magicana by David Acer
18 Unwedding Ring by Joe M. Turner
20 Through the Drinking Glass by R. Paul Wilson
21 Conversion by Donald Orbit
23 Alex Cutting the Christ Aces by Bob Farmer
25 The New Mind: Mixing Mentalism with Other Genres by Luke Jermay
34 Tension, Focus, and Design: Shattered by Aaron Fisher
89 Top 10 Best-Selling Products

Light From the Lamp
88 Tricks Reviewed by Danny Orleans
88 Clearly Predictable by Harrison Carroll
89 B Screens by Creative Magic
89 Glimpse 20/20 by Marc Spelmann
90 Baffle Bat by Terry Lagerould
90 The Prophecy by Peter Eggink
90 Cryptext by Haim Goldenberg
91 The Disappearance by Jay Sankey

91 Videos Reviewed by Dustin Stinett
91 Andrus: The Man, the Mind & the Magic by Robert Neary
92 CoinTwo by Homer Liwag
93 Methods in Magic: Live in the U.K. by Joshua Jay
93 Attack of the Copper Silver Coin
by Dave Forrest and Cameron Francis
94 Pseudo Pickpocket, Flying Tonight
by Christopher Congreave and Gary Jones

95 Books Reviewed by Jamy Ian Swiss
95 The Magic of Ascanio Vol. 3: More Studies of Card Magic
by Jesús Etcheverry
96 The Magic of Ascanio Vol. 4: Ascanio’s Knives and Color Blindness
by Arturo de Ascanio
96 Stand-Up: A Professional Guide to Comedy Magic
by Ian Keable

104 Subscription Information/Advertisers Index

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