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September 2009 • Volume 72 • Number 9

52 Neil Patrick Harris Knows What You’re Thinking by Jim Steinmeyer
44 Mail Order Magic—No Skill Required by William Schmeelk
66 FISM 2009: Beijing by Richard Kaufman
14 In Memoriam: Martin Nash by Jamy Ian Swiss

10 Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
11 Now Performing in New York and Boston
12 On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
13 Now Performing at The Magic Castle and in Las Vegas

16 Magicana by David Acer
16 The Twinkle Change by Richard Sanders
17 Mind Your Ps & Qs by Donovan Deschner
18 Semi-Impromptu Mind Your Ps & Qs by David Acer
19 Hurling Time by David Avadon
21 Twilight Zone by Pete McCabe
21 On The Rise by Joseph K. Schmidt
32 The Genii Session: How to Switch a Deck While Standing
by Roberto Giobbi
34 Tension, Focus, and Design: The Search for the Perfect Sleight
by Aaron Fisher

Light From the Lamp
84 Videos Reviewed by Dustin Stinett
84 The Master Sessions: Summer (Disc 3 of 4) by John Carney
84 Malone Meets Marlo, Volumes 1– 6 by Bill Malone
85 The Magic of Michael Ammar, Volumes 1–4 by Michael Ammar
86 Visions of Ken Brooke by Ken Brooke

87 Tricks Reviewed by David Oliver
87 Reality Check by Michael Paul
88 Clutch by Oz Pearlman
88 Magic Portal by Steve Shufton
89 Metamorphosis-Pro by Christian Schenk
89 The (W)hole Thing—Jumbo Card Version by Daryl
90 Director’s Cut 2—Horror Edition by Simon Shaw

90 Books Reviewed by Jamy Ian Swiss
90 Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen by John Lovick
91 Tabman Magic by Tabby Crabb aka The Tabman
92 Impossible Bill Braid by Robert E. Neale
92 Sometimes the Jokes are Just for Me by Master Payne

96 Subscription Information/Advertisers Index


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