Bernard Giannini

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Bernard Giannini

Cover of Genii (1940)
BornBernard Attilio Giannini
January 2, 1911
San Francisco, California
DiedSeptember 9, 1954 (age 43)
Los Angeles, California

Bernard "Bernie" Giannini (1911-1954), a banker and amateur magician, would perform elaborate stage illusions as "Bernandini the Great", assisted by his wife Colleen. In their home was a complete stage.[1]


His magic enthusiasm ran in the family. His father "Dr. A. H. Giannini, M. D." (? - 1943), a president of the United Artists Corporation and head of the Bank of America, who was interested in magic and was a member of the S.A.M.[2] His uncle Earl Rybolt, a magic collector, had one of the world's largest magical libraries of his day.[3]

Giannini attended both Fordham University and Loyola University, where he received two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts. Giannini worked his way up to vice-president of the Bank of America.[4]

His performance at the P.C.A.M. San Diego convention public show included a short act. A cabinet was shown on all sides, doors opening front and back. From it Bernard produced four girls, each attired with a top hat. From the top hats, one right after another, were produced four white rabbits which are carried off by the girls. He ended with a levitation. [5]

He was an active member of the S.A.M.'s Southern California Assembly No. 22. in Los Angeles (Member No. 1872) and a charter member of the IBM's Caryl Fleming Ring 21 in Hollywood.


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