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For Magicians Only

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For Magicians Only
AuthorCharles Waller
Publication Date1923


Apparatus and sleight of hand, alike, are valuable aids to the performer - just that and nothing more. To bring them into prominence, is to substitute the commonplace for the romantic.


  • Part I. Patter, Plot and Presentation
    • Chapter 1. What Magic Is.
    • Chapter 2. Presentation:
      • Apparatus and Sleights.
      • Dress and Environment.
      • Silence or Speech.
      • Music.
      • Programme Material.
    • Chapter 3. Presentation (continued)
      • Magical Dressings.
    • Chapter 4. Patter:
      • General Remarks.
      • Purposes of Patter.
      • Plot.
      • The Dramatic and the Humorous.
      • The Magic Sketch.
    • Chapter 5. Magical Introductions.
  • Part II. Patter for Standard Problems
    • Chapter 6. Paper Magic
      • The Afghan Bands.
      • The Tale of an Elephant.
      • The Coin Fold.
      • The Princess Card Trick.
      • Kismet.
      • Manipulation with Cards.
    • Chapter 7. Miscellaneous.
      • The Filtering Ink.
      • The Chinese Rice Bowls.
      • The Magic Numbered Bricks.
      • The Wine and Water Trick.
      • The Man in the Moon.
      • The Growth of Flowers.
      • The Phantom Die.
      • The Little Match Girl.
    • Chapter 8. Stolen Jam.
      • The Chinese Rings.
    • Chapter 9. The Hindoo Lota.
      • The Scientific Milkman.
      • In Dumb Show.
      • The Water of the Ganges.
      • The Bricklayer's Nightmare.
    • Chapter 10. A Paradoxical Perplexity.
      • The Orange, Skittle and Drawer Box.
  • Part III. Original Efects in Magic
    • Pop!
    • My Lady's Fan
      • a. The Productive Fan.
      • b. The Easy Money Fan.
      • c. An Attractive Fan.
      • d. Rising Card Fan.
      • e. Some Smiles and a Fan.
    • The Elongated Donkey
    • The Aerial Knot
    • Throw a Six
    • Wedding Bells
    • The Elfin Torches
    • The Top That Tours
    • "An Empty Bottle of Beer"
    • Percolation Phenomenal
    • "Any Bites?"
    • A Vase of Flowers
    • Stringing the Ring
    • Magic Broth
    • The Girl Behind the Pen
    • "Oranges and Lemons"
    • The Harlequin Cigarettes
    • Mirage
    • The Wide, Wide World.

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