Genii 1975 December

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Genii 1975 December
DateDecember 1975
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  • Page 644: Genii Speaks by Billy Larsen
  • Page 645: The Vernon Touch by Dai Vernon

  • Page 646: Die and Sealed Envelope Mystery by Glenn Gravatt
  • Page 648: Nancy's Slick Stick Trick by Carl Dreher
  • Page 649: Faroed-out Aces by Mark Thiede
  • Page 650: Cherchez la femme 2001 by Vern Weiss
  • Page 650: Lightning by Bob Pitlak
  • Page 651: Mad Hatter's Card Party by John Ging
  • Page 652: Buckley Streamlined by Gary Goldberg
  • Page 653: Magicana - Bonus for the Four Coins Across by Howard Rheam

  • Page 655: Magicana - Intermission by Charlie Miller
  • Page 657: Bagdad by Billy Larsen
  • Page 660: Blackstone Hit at Magic Mountain by Billy Larsen
  • Page 672: 25 Years Ago in Genii by Geraldine Jaffe Larsen

  • Page 663: Trix of the Trade by Ed Mishell
    • New Dancing Cane by Jerry Benson
    • Wild Card Outdone by Ron Frost
    • Ye-Ole Bead Trick by Anonymous
    • Television Card Frame by Anonymous
    • Fifi, The Card Pecker by Jack Hughes
    • Flag Staff by Anonymous

  • Page 664: Mickey's Magical Workshop - Glow-Light by Mickey O'Malley
  • Page 666: It's Magic! 22nd Edition by Billy Larsen
  • Page 669: Mentalism Is Not Boring - Mentalists Are! by Bob Baker
  • Page 670: H.R.H. The Prince of Wales Qualifies for Membership in the Magic Circle by Anonymous

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