Mme. Reno

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Mme. Reno

Cover of Sphinx (Feb. 1912)
BornEmma Austin
circa 1867
DiedJuly 26, 1927 (age 59)
Kankakee, Illinois

Mme. Reno (c.1867-1927) was the wife and assistant of magician Ed Reno (1861-1949) who also performed as "The Empress of Magic".[1]


They were married in 1886 and Ed taught her to perform magic. A 1910 program listed her repertoire as "Hindoo Mysteries, The Turtle Dove's Dream, The Fairy Flower Garden, The Magic Rifle, A Comedy of Errors, A Temperance Lesson, The Unlucky Watch, Our National Emblem, A Worried Rabbit, and Electricity Annihilated: A Lesson From Mars."

The Sphinx for February 1912 honored her with a cover picture and praised her as a "woman of distinguished presence and graceful bearing," whose magic was "executed with all the skill and grace that her many years upon the stage has developed."[2]

She was an early member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and performed at least until 1924.[3]


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