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T. Page Wright
BornMay 8, 1905
Fort Wayne, Indiana
DiedDecember 21, 1930 (age 25)
San Diego, California
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Thomas Page Wright (1905 - 1930) was an amateur magician and close friend of William W. Larsen, Sr..


He had been interested in magic since a kid when he and at lived at San Diego, California. He later moved to Los Angeles where he was a member of the Los Angeles Society of Magicians.

Wright contributed many articles to The Sphinx and Genii in collaboration with William W. Larsen, Sr.. They also co-invented many cards tricks which appeared under the name "L.W." (as in one example The L.W. Mental and Spirit Mysteries).

He invented the Change generally attributed to Bert Allerton. See Page Wright's Manuscript, page 112 A One-Hand Top Change. For Allerton, see More Card Manipulations No. 4, page 45.

He was killed in a car accident at the young age of 26 in San Diego while visiting his parents.

His nephew, Bascom Jones (1924-1994), inherited his extensive library of magic and illusion.



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