Prince Lampini

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Prince Lampini
BornPrince P. Masculin
Belfort, France
Flourishedfl. 1900s-1930s

Prince Lampini (fl. 1900s-1930s) worked in a mixture of straight and comedy conjuring act as "The Lampinis". First with an acrobat named Roy Rogers then with his wife.


First started performing in the United States in 1903 and went back to America, and about 1938 on the Tivoli circuit. The Lampinis eventually became resident in Australia[1]

He became interested after several seasons playing in the summer parks in and around New York as a "silent man" (he offered money to anyone that could make him laugh or even smile.) Later, he developed a comedy magic act with a partner and played in America, Europe, South America and Australia. His partner enlisted in the war and lost his life. Lampini met his wife in Australia and they continued doing the two person act.

Their act was called "Jazz Illusion." His most known item was an escaped act "The Mystery of the Black Trunk" [2]


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