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Magic Tokens are coins and palming disk that are made specifically for magicians. They have been made of copper, silver, brass, bronze, nickel, base metal, wood, and later plastic with the image of the magic or name.

They are usually stamped with the magician’s name and likeness. If they were also used for sleight of hand, they would be made with special features. T. Nelson Downs, for example, were unusually thin and well-balanced for easy palming and manipulation.

Tokens have been produced since the early 1700 to 1800's. These were often thrown out to the audience as mementos. Other were advertising pieces and souvenirs. Magic shops, including Martinka, Abbott Magic & Novelty Co. and L.L. Ireland Magic Co. Tannen's also coined their own tokens to promote themselves.


  • "Illustrated Checklist" by F. William Kuethe, Jr. (October 1978) which was produced as Vol. 18, No. 5 of the TAMS Journal. This is the bible for magic token collecting.


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