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      <cm pageid="2187" ns="0" title="$20 Manuscript" />
      <cm pageid="17617" ns="0" title="10 Card Feats" />
      <cm pageid="11312" ns="0" title="100 Houdini Tricks You Can Do" />
      <cm pageid="5215" ns="0" title="100 More Tips and Gags" />
      <cm pageid="11273" ns="0" title="100 More Tricks You Can Do" />
      <cm pageid="4351" ns="0" title="100 Tricks You Can Do" />
      <cm pageid="12064" ns="0" title="100 Years of Magic Poster" />
      <cm pageid="554" ns="0" title="100% Sankey" />
      <cm pageid="14453" ns="0" title="101 Magic Secrets" />
      <cm pageid="7475" ns="0" title="101 Methods of Forcing" />
      <cm pageid="9933" ns="0" title="12 Tricks with a Borrowed Deck" />
      <cm pageid="4852" ns="0" title="13 Jumbo Card Effects" />
      <cm pageid="3293" ns="0" title="200 More Tricks You Can Do" />
      <cm pageid="5396" ns="0" title="200 Tricks You Can Do" />
      <cm pageid="7299" ns="0" title="202 Methods of Forcing" />
      <cm pageid="8800" ns="0" title="21 Gems of Magic" />
      <cm pageid="3341" ns="0" title="21st Century Card Magic" />
      <cm pageid="13247" ns="0" title="25 Methods For Switching Decks" />
      <cm pageid="5444" ns="0" title="25 Tricks and Ideas, Part One" />
      <cm pageid="13437" ns="0" title="26 Originals" />
      <cm pageid="4867" ns="0" title="3 Slate Routines" />
      <cm pageid="11895" ns="0" title="33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases" />
      <cm pageid="4128" ns="0" title="36 Tricks with Fa-Ko Cards" />
      <cm pageid="14251" ns="0" title="5.1" />
      <cm pageid="12659" ns="0" title="50 Crazy Card Stunts" />
      <cm pageid="11117" ns="0" title="50 New Card Tricks" />
      <cm pageid="12833" ns="0" title="50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip" />
      <cm pageid="11310" ns="0" title="50 Tricks You Can Do, You Will Do, Easy to Do" />
      <cm pageid="5168" ns="0" title="50 Years of Magical Creations" />
      <cm pageid="5187" ns="0" title="52 Amazing Card Tricks" />
      <cm pageid="4191" ns="0" title="7 Secrets" />
      <cm pageid="7349" ns="0" title="75 Tricks with a Stripper Deck" />
      <cm pageid="12113" ns="0" title="84 Card Tricks" />
      <cm pageid="17504" ns="0" title="Abbott&#039;s Cigarette Magic" />
      <cm pageid="11796" ns="0" title="Abbott&#039;s Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks, Vol. 1" />
      <cm pageid="11915" ns="0" title="Abbott&#039;s Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks, Vol. 2" />
      <cm pageid="11914" ns="0" title="Abbott&#039;s Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks, Vol. 3" />
      <cm pageid="16497" ns="0" title="Abbott&#039;s Magic for Magicians" />
      <cm pageid="17509" ns="0" title="Abbott&#039;s Practical Patter" />
      <cm pageid="11334" ns="0" title="Act Two" />
      <cm pageid="5601" ns="0" title="Action Palm" />
      <cm pageid="4192" ns="0" title="Add Comedy to Your Act" />
      <cm pageid="11595" ns="0" title="Ade Duval, Silken Sorcerer" />
      <cm pageid="3428" ns="0" title="Advanced Fingertip Control" />
      <cm pageid="12177" ns="0" title="Advanced Lessons in Cups and Balls" />
      <cm pageid="6467" ns="0" title="Adventures in Magic" />
      <cm pageid="3943" ns="0" title="After Craft" />
      <cm pageid="3398" ns="0" title="After the Dessert" />
      <cm pageid="6946" ns="0" title="After-Dinner Sleights and Pocket Tricks" />
      <cm pageid="14916" ns="0" title="Aftermath: Stories From the Rigel War" />
      <cm pageid="767" ns="0" title="Afterthoughts" />
      <cm pageid="4494" ns="0" title="Ah - Ha!" />
      <cm pageid="6119" ns="0" title="Al Baker&#039;s Book One" />
      <cm pageid="7476" ns="0" title="Al Baker&#039;s Book Two" />
      <cm pageid="4097" ns="0" title="Al Koran&#039;s Legacy" />
      <cm pageid="4397" ns="0" title="Al Koran&#039;s Professional Presentations" />
      <cm pageid="11601" ns="0" title="Al Leech&#039;s Legacy" />
      <cm pageid="3857" ns="0" title="Al Schneider on Close-Up" />
      <cm pageid="3362" ns="0" title="Al Schneider on Coins" />
      <cm pageid="3899" ns="0" title="Al Schneider on Zombie" />
      <cm pageid="11346" ns="0" title="Alexander - The Man Who Knows" />
      <cm pageid="13999" ns="0" title="All In A Nutshell" />
      <cm pageid="14338" ns="0" title="Alternative Card Magic" />
      <cm pageid="13072" ns="0" title="Amateur Amusements" />
      <cm pageid="2586" ns="0" title="The Amateur Magician&#039;s Handbook" />
      <cm pageid="9730" ns="0" title="Amazing Card Miracles" />
      <cm pageid="3528" ns="0" title="Amazing Isn&#039;t It?" />
      <cm pageid="536" ns="0" title="Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi" />
      <cm pageid="12041" ns="0" title="The Amazing World of John Scarne" />
      <cm pageid="3340" ns="0" title="Amedeo&#039;s Continental Magic" />
      <cm pageid="13738" ns="0" title="American Museum of Magic: Its True Story" />
      <cm pageid="18770" ns="0" title="An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling" />
      <cm pageid="7290" ns="0" title="The Anatomy of Magic" />
      <cm pageid="3435" ns="0" title="...And a Pack of Cards" />
      <cm pageid="3945" ns="0" title="Andrus Card Control, Vol. 1" />
      <cm pageid="3946" ns="0" title="Andrus Card Control, Vol. 2" />
      <cm pageid="4217" ns="0" title="Andrus Deals You In" />
      <cm pageid="13525" ns="0" title="Angel Card Rise Plus" />
      <cm pageid="6312" ns="0" title="The Annals of Conjuring" />
      <cm pageid="11286" ns="0" title="Annemann Manuscripts" />
      <cm pageid="12858" ns="0" title="Annemann&#039;s Buried Treasures" />
      <cm pageid="3803" ns="0" title="Annemann&#039;s Card Magic" />
      <cm pageid="11287" ns="0" title="Annemann&#039;s Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine" />
      <cm pageid="3911" ns="0" title="Annemann&#039;s Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks" />
      <cm pageid="11288" ns="0" title="Annemann&#039;s Mental Bargain Effects" />
      <cm pageid="3976" ns="0" title="Annemann&#039;s Miracles of Card Magic" />
      <cm pageid="11285" ns="0" title="Annemann&#039;s Test of the Tiber" />
      <cm pageid="1013" ns="0" title="The Annotated Erdnase" />
      <cm pageid="3653" ns="0" title="Another Card Session with Peter Kane" />
      <cm pageid="4879" ns="0" title="Another Six Bits" />
      <cm pageid="5034" ns="0" title="Anverdi&#039;s Miracles with Liquids" />
      <cm pageid="3896" ns="0" title="Any Second Now" />
      <cm pageid="12306" ns="0" title="Approaching Magic" />
      <cm pageid="3802" ns="0" title="Arcade Dream" />
      <cm pageid="4133" ns="0" title="Arch Triumphs" />
      <cm pageid="5539" ns="0" title="The Aronson Approach" />
      <cm pageid="5923" ns="0" title="Around the World with a Magician and a Juggler" />
      <cm pageid="11679" ns="0" title="Art &amp; Artifice and Other Essays on Illusion" />
      <cm pageid="2172" ns="0" title="Art and Ardor at the Card Table" />
      <cm pageid="8061" ns="0" title="Art of Astonishment Volume 1" />
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