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David Bamberg

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David Bamberg

As Fu Manchu on the cover of Genii (1966)
BornFebruary 19, 1904
Derby, England
DiedAugust 19, 1974 (age 70)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Resting placeAshes scattered at Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires
CategoriesBooks by David Bamberg
David Bamberg (1904-1974) was the son of Theo Bamberg born in Great Britain but raised in the United States. He was the last of the seven generation family of magicians, performing under the name Fu Manchu.[1]


In May 1916, he automatically became an American when his father become one.

He first began performing professionally with Julius Zancig (replacing Paul Rosini) in 1917 using the stage name of "Syko" (given to him by Houdini). Later, on his own, he changed to "David King".

He toured with the Raymond Show with his wife (as assistant) doing shadowgraphy.

Later, like his father, he performed in Oriental costume under the name Fu Manchu (and as Fu Chan in the U.S because of copyright infringement). He debuted as "Fu Manchu" in Buenos Aires on March 1, 1929.

He was very successful in South America and became one of the best known illusionist there.

Bamberg wrote the chapter "Stage Presentation" in Hilliard's Greater Magic[2][3]

In collaboration with Edmund Spreer, he invented:

  • Isis Illusion (variation of Chung Ling Soo's Mahatma Illusion)
  • The Chinese Strangulation Rack, Variation on the Book of Life Illusion
  • The "Little Stinkhouse"
  • Fu Manchu Cremation
  • Modified Triangle Illusion
  • Fu Manchu Spirit Cabinet
  • Canvas Covered Trunk Substitution
  • The Monkey Cage (Gorilla Vanish)
  • The Robot
  • The Pit and the Pendulum
  • The Fan Illusion
  • The Chinese Bazaar
  • The Geisha Illusion
  • Fu Manchu Duck Vanish
  • The Lantern Illusion (Atomic Woman).



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