A.M. Wilson

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*Cover [[Linking Ring]], Vol. 3, no. 2, June 1925
*Cover [[Genii 1941 May]]
*Cover [[Genii 1941 May]]

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A.M. Wilson
BornAlbert M. Wilson
June 23, 1854
DiedApril 22, 1930 (age 75)
Known forEditor of Sphinx

Dr. Albert M. Wilson became a doctor and ordained minister after an unsuccessful attempt at performing magic full time. He was an assistant and pupil to Robert Heller and later toured the country as "Aristos." He went back on the road as a magician for awhile then became a registered pharmacist. Shortly thereafter he was offered a position as state secretary of the Ohio Y. M. C. A. In 1886, he moved to Kansas City as secretary of the railroad Y. M. C. A.

He took over the Sphinx in 1904 and continued for almost three decades until his death, during which he was often outspoken, engaging in a number of feuds with notable magicians.


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