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A Few Jardine Ellis Secrets

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A Few Jardine Ellis Secrets
Jardin Ellis Secrets.jpg
AuthorGeorge Johnson
PublisherGeorge Johnson
Publication Date1925
SeriesThe Magic Wand Shilling Series
SubjectClose up magic

A Few Jardine Ellis Secrets is a small pamphlet of Jardine Ellis effects written after his death. #3 in The Magic Wand "Shilling series."


"THE late Jardine Ellis was a master of what is known to Conjurers as “close quarter work.” The majority of his effects were designed to puzzle the single onlooker, and in this particular class of Magical deception he was a past master.

This clever worker was at some pains to keep his secrets within a charmed circle and usually stipulated that his tricks were not to be either shown or exposed to a conjurer. I have witnessed many of the effects but for the majority of the secrets I am indebted to Mr. Stanley Norton who, by the way, has himself written the description of the Slate Mystery.

One day, while exchanging secrets—as conjurers are wont to do—Mr. Norton remarked to Mr. Ellis, “You are very particular as to these effects; do you expect to keep them for ever and ever”? Ellis laughed, "Oh well,” he said, "when I am gone it does not matter what becomes of them.”

I do not, therefore, feel any qualms regarding the publication of this booklet. However, in memory of a clever worker who left us all too soon—he died on February 1st, 1923, a comparatively young man—Conjurers may perhaps see to it that the secrets are not disclosed to all and sundry. So far as this little publication is concerned, it will only be sold through recognised Magical booksellers and dealers.


The “Magic Wand” Office,

September, 1925.


  • Foreword
  • Thimble and Wine Glass
  • A Juggling Feat
  • The Rod and Ring
  • A Humorous Card Item
  • The Jardine Ellis Slate Mystery
  • An Experiment in Telepathy
  • Card Divination
  • The Holder of the Egg
  • The Measured, Cut, and Restored String
  • Coin Levitation
  • The Magnetised Knife
  • The Floating Wand

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