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Abacus was a monthly Magic "Magzine" published by Al Smith in Yorkshire, England that ran from 1992 until 2002. Neither one thing nor the other, the term Magzine is an adulteration of magazine and fanzine. Published monthly for a total of 144 issues on a regular schedule, that is (miraculously) on-time, every month.

Familiar mix of tricks, reviews, essays, grumbles, criticism, interviews, and never-very-humble opinion. No adverts, but plenty of solid plugs for friends and for stuff the editor liked.

Regular contributors included: Peter Duffie (one-man issue, October 1995), Abe, Akers, Rod Ethtie, Paul Gordon, Paul Hallas, Max Maven (then mostly referred to as Phil Goldstein), Ken Speckle, Mathew Street, Stephen Tucker and Dave Wyton.

Occasional and one-time only contributors included: Steve Beam, Aldo Colombini, Roger Crosthwaite, Roger Curzon, Paul Daniels, Keith Downs, Wayne Dobson, Bob Driebeek, Alan Francis, Brian Glover, Justin Higham, Jack Jansen, Lewis Jones, Les Johnson, Marty Kane, Peter Kane, Walt Lees, Bob Loomis,Ed Marlo, George McBride, Trevor McCombie, Peter McLanachan, Ivor Mefford, Anthony Owen, Reinhard Müller, Phil Ogden, Bruce Porter, Bernard Rassmussen, Bob Read, Roy Walton and R. Paul Wilson.

The magazine closed its doors when the editor felt in need of a rest.

Spokeshave 18:05, 3 February 2010 (UTC)


  • First issue, September 1992
  • Final issue August 2002.
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