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Vol. 1 No. 1
EditorsGoodliffe, Fabian, Donald Bevan, Walt Lees
First issue1946
Final issue2009
Total issues3,296

Abracadabra, widely known as just Abra, was a weekly magic magazine published in the UK that ran for a total of just over 63 years.

Abra started on February 2, 1946 by Goodliffe Publications. Goodliffe successfully maintained the weekly magazine until his death near the end of 1980, afterward his family continued the business.

Donald Bevan was the editor from 1965 (Associate Editor) to 2006 (Full Editor). In 1984, ownership passed to the Davenport family, magic dealers of London.

The final editor was Walt Lees when a deal to pass the publication to an independent magical enthusiast and entrepreneur fell through in 2009. On March 29, 2009 the last issue (No. 3,296) was published.


  • Goodliffe (1946 to 1980)
  • Fabian (Associate Editor, 1946 to 1965)
  • Donald Bevan (Associate Editor, 1965 to 1984 and Managing Editor, 1984 to 2006)
  • Walt Lees (2007 to 2009).


Geoff Maltby published a parody of Abra called "Abra Codabra" as a supplement to a Club 71 issue in 1998.