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Al Baker's Book One

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Al Baker's Book One
AuthorAl Baker
PublisherMax Holden
Publication Date1933
Followed byAl Baker's Second Book

Al Baker's Book (now commonly known as Al Baker's Book One) is a booklet that included some of Al Baker's greatest creations including: The Pack That Cuts Itself, The One Man "Lights Up" séance, A Card and a Number, Al Baker's Rising Cards, Feel My Pulse, The Impossible Card Discovery, Cards Of Thought, The Finger Points, Al Baker's Billet Mystery, Self Unknotting Handkerchief, and more.

The first UK edition was published by L. Davenport & Co. in London as part of their "Demon Series" (softcover, 40 pages).

Reviewed in Genii 1939 January

It was reprinted as part of The Secret Ways of Al Baker (2003).


  • The Pack that Cuts Itself
  • The One Man "Lights Up" Séance
  • A Card and a Number
  • Al Baker's Pet Hat Trick
  • Al Baker's Rising Cards
  • "Feel My Pulse"
  • The Al Baker Wrist Tie
  • The Impossible Card Discovery
  • Cards of Thought
  • Al Baker's Addition Trick
  • Another Rope is Cut and Restored
  • The Finger Points
  • The Matchmakers
  • "Say When"
  • Al Baker's Billet Mystery
  • Self Unknotting Handkerchief



I want to dedicate this book, not to one person, but to the many friends that I have made on my travels around the United States.

For the true lover of the Art I have only sincere admiration, and it has always been a pleasure to meet and know them. Among both the professionals and amateurs are some of the finest types of men I have ever known.

Looking back over a span of years I realize the many fine points and ideas that have come from amateurs and those who didn't profess to " know it all."

Showing a trick is comparatively easy to putting it clearly in print, and I want to thank Anneman for his judicious use of the blue pencil, finding spots where I could write less and tell more, and in general, being a marvelous deleter and paraphraser.

To John Northern Hilliard, whom I consider the greatest writer on Magic as an Art, I want to extend my sincere thanks for the encouragement that caused me to start and finally finish my maiden effort, to wit : Al Baker's Book.


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