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Al Koran (1914-1972) was a British mentalist (born Edward Doe), who was also an author and the magic inventor of the effect known as Ring Flite (1968).[1] He also invented a special deck of cards known as the Koran deck.

Al Koran
BornEdward Doe
March 4, 1916
East London, UK
DiedJune 12, 1972 (age 56)
In 1945, he became the youngest member ever to be awarded London Society of Magicians Gold Medal. It was after this that he selected the stage name "Al Koran" and make magic a full time job.

In January, 1969, he emigrated to the United States. First to Cleveland, Ohio and then later settling in Chicago.


  • Mastered Amazement: Mainly for the manipulator (1947)
  • Bring Out the Magic in Your Mind (1964) ("ghosted")
  • Al Koran's Professional Presentations (1967)
  • The Magic of the Mind in Action (1976)

Further Reading


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