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Alan Alan
BornAlan Rabinowitz
DiedNovember 1926

Alan Alan is a retired British escapologist and magician. He originated tricks and he has been honored by The Magic Circle[1].

Alan achieved fame through a series of stunts staged for the media. He made headline news in 1949 when a "buried alive" stunt, performed for Pathe News, nearly went wrong.[2] He is credited with devising the burning-rope Straitjacket Escape, in which he is suspended upside-down from a crane with a length of thick rope dowsed with petrol, once ignited there is a short time to escape before the rope burns through.[3] He appeared in a number of television magic shows, including The Magic of David Copperfield. He also "taught" the inmates of Wormwood Scrubs prison how to escape from handcuffs in his performance with a number of other magicians. In more recent years he was seen on Simon Drake's Secret Cabaret.

He was proprietor of Alan Alan's Magic Spot, a magic shop based on Southampton Row, London until its lease expired in the mid 1990s.



  • 2006 when The Magic Circle's Maskelyne Award for services to British magic.


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