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Alex Elmsley (March 2, 1929 – January 8, 2006) was a British Magician and computer programmer. He was notable for his invention of the Ghost Count, also knonwn as the Elmsley Count.

He began practicing magic in 1946, as a teenager. He studied physics and mathematics at Cambridge University; whilst there he was also secretary of the Pentacle Club.

He was employed as a patent agent and later computer expert, but his true love was card and close-up magic.

He created a number of classic sleights and effects, including the Ghost Count, Between Your Palms, Point Of Departure and Diamond Cut Diamond.



  • Elmsley's 4 Card Trick (1967)
  • Cardwork (1975)
  • The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley (vol. 1 1991, vol. 2 1994).
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