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Alexa Skills

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Alexa Skills provide for the voice service called "Alexa" that powers Amazon Echo (as well as Dot, Tap and latest Fire HD tablets) that enable developers to add new capabilities. All of the code runs in the cloud and nothing is on any user device.

Magic related skills

Alexa magic related commands

Some commands you can ask Alexa:

  • Alexa, give me a random playing card.
  • Alexa, pick a card.
  • Alexa, roll dice
  • Alexa, Wikipedia Houdini

Magic History and Assistant by Joseph Pecore

Magic History and Assistant searches MagicPedia for events that occurred in the past for a particular day in history.

Magic History and Assistant is a skill for magic history buffs and performing magicians.

This skill can

  • list magic related events that happened on a certain day in history,
  • give you a magic quote of the day
  • and help with creating, practicing and performing magic effects.

A Magic Trick by Webguild

Alexa will start by having you pick a number from 1 to 100. Don't tell her your number, though!

Alexa will then walk you through some arithmetic on that number and at the end Alexa will speak the number you wind up with.

GuessACard by Matt Billings

If you are performing a card trick where you force the Three of Spades, then Alexa will guess it.

Magic Facts by Nerus

This application's goal is to teach you a bit more about the history of the wonderful art of prestidigitation.

Noval Magic by Bhaskar

Ask for a fact or trivia

Black Magic Game by Solid Interactive

Choose a "Magician". Have this person ask someone who doesn't know the game to pick an object in the room.

Start the game by asking Alexa to, "play Black Magic Game".

Pick out objects in the room and ask Alexa if they are the object that was chosen. (e.g. Is it the television?, Is it the couch?)

To complete the trick, the magician will ask about an object that starts with the letter 'B' (e.g. How about the book?) -- the next item they ask should be the one that was chosen in the beginning.

Card Wizard by Jim Young

Show off your amazing magician powers when Alexa guesses any card drawn from the deck! (After you secretly hint what card she should guess, of course.)

Houdini Facts by Rick Donelson

Gives random facts and trivia about magician Harry Houdini.

Mind Reader by Jim Young

Follow a few simple instructions with the Mind Reader skill and witness Alexa's amazing ability using this nifty magic trick!

Find My Card by Andy Makar (AMAKAR LLC)

In this simple magic trick, the magician has a spectator select a card. The magician asks Alexa to Find My Card and the selected card is revealed. Don't overlook this effectiveness of this trick. When Alexa reveals the card instead of the magician, it creates a great reaction. This trick is especially useful when you visit someone's home and they have an Alexa enabled device.

Additional phrases include:

  • Alexa ask find my card what is my card
  • Alexa ask find my card to reveal the card

Card Statistics Magic Trick by Andy Makar (AMAKAR LLC)

In this Amazon Alexa magic trick, the CardStats skill will perform two major features:

1. Alexa, Ask CardStats to tell a playing card fact will return a random fact about playing cards.

2. Alexa can help you perform Simon Aronson's classic card trick Random Sample Shuffle-Bored (originally published in Magic Magazine August 2003)

You can prompt Alexa to reveal facts about card shuffles including the following prompts:

  • Alexa Ask CardStats for the statistics on card shuffles
  • Alexa, Ask CardStats for the second statistic
  • Alexa, Ask CardStats for the third statistic
  • Alexa, Ask CardStats for the margin of error

If you are a magician who knows this classic trick, you'll recognize how entertaining the trick will be using Alexa instead of other means to reveal the shuffle analysis.

Mental List by

A card is freely selected by an audience member.

If the card is the four of diamonds, the magician would say, "Alexa, Ask Mental List reveal the value."

Mental List will respond that selected card is the four of diamonds.

The full instructions for operating Mental List are available from or by emailing