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Harry J. Alpigini lived in Philadelphia for many years, and performed in that area. In later years he moved to Baltimore and frequented Yogi Magic Mart on 215 N. Charles St., where during the late 1940s you could find him reminiscing.

A tri-fold brochure, which was given as a supplement in The Magic Cauldron #29 states:

As the Wizard of the East, Mr. Alpigini stands unquestionably alone among the leaders in the special line of work. His personality, refined bearing, marvelous dexterity and the ease and grace with which he performs the most amazing feats, all entitle him to the utmost consideration by churches, associations, or individuals seeking the best in the field of entertainment. To those seeking the last word in entertainments, however, Mr. Alpigini offers the acme of perfection in his elite combination, consisting of Artagraphs and Magic. His remarkable versatility enables him to adjust this program to the requirements of every situation and assembly.


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