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André Kole is an American inventor of magical effects. He has mystified hundreds of millions in the last 20 years with his full-stage productions of illusion.

Spending as much as 60% of his time each year on tour, he has performed throughout the United States and in 79 countries of the world. He has made special televised appearances that aired in 40 countries.

Kole, who has performed in countries all over the world , has bridged many language barriers with his universal art of magic and illusion. In addition to his performances, he has spent more than 20 years investigating psychic phenomena and controversial mysteries. As a part of his elaborate stage production, Kole exposes some of the fraudulent and deceitful hoaxes that he has investigated and reveals the truth behind transcendental levitation, dematerialization, the Bermuda Triangle mystery, the occult and communication with the dead and much more.

There is only one trick he has yet to master, pulled a rabbit from a hat. The reason, the illusionist is allergic to rabbits.

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  • All information is taken directly from Andre Kole's website with full permission


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