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See also: Alfred C. Gilbert, co-founded the Mysto Magic Company.
B. L. Gilbert
BornBlair Lee Gilbert
Horicon, Wisconsin
DiedNovember 28, 1947
Known forB. L. Gilbert Magic Company

Blair L. Gilbert (1870-1947) was a Chicago-based magic dealer in the 1920s.


Gilbert brought hundreds of effects to the magic world through his B. L. Gilbert Magic Company.[1] Throughout the 1920s, he published sheets of hand-typed instructions, prices ranging from a dime to a dollar. He offered card routines, mentalism, illusions, pocket tricks, and magic with eggs, slates, matches, silks, paper, bills, balls and many other props. Some of the effects were were developed by Gilbert himself with others by famous artists like Thurston and Anna Eva Fay.

He started in magic as an amateur and was a member of the early Chicago Conjurers' Club, He began dealing and trading in second hand magic, was friends with August Roterberg.[2][3]

The following original creations of Gilberts[4]

  • Rising card from Book. A good and clever impromptu trick.
  • Change-over palm, with several coins
  • Wrist chain shackle


  • Patter Chatter, Vol. 1 (1916)
  • Patter Chatter, Vol. 2
  • Up to date Coin Act (1916)


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