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Barnardo Eagle

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Barnardo Eagle
BornG. Barnard Eagle
circa 1800
Middlesex, England:
Diedcirca 1870 (age 69)

Barnardo Eagle (who also went by Na Barno) was a minor conjurer of the first half of the nineteenth century.[1]

Eagle, known as Barney, is chiefly remembered for his shameless copying of the tricks of John Henry Anderson, 'The Great Wizard of the North'. Eagle copied Anderson's Gun Trick, "Great Gun Delusion" and exposed the secret of the Gun Trick in a book. Eagle, who appropriated even Anderson's title, published a pamphlet The Life and History of the Royal Wizard of the South (circa 1840) on the long, flamboyant title-page of which he described himself as a Professor of Experimental Philosophy.[2]

Houdini lists this performer in his book "Unmasking of Robert-Houdin and was one of the the first to note that Eagle was illiterate.[3]

He toured Australia in 1856 and again in 1861. He taught his daughter Georgiana Eagle, who performed a second sight act.


  • Banardo's Hand-Book of Magic, or Life and History of the Royal Wizard of the South (c. 1846)


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