Ben Bergor

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Ben Bergor, was a magician, performer and booking agent from Madison, Wisconsin.

Ben Bergor
BornNovember 5, 1893
Madison, Wisconsin
DiedNovember 30, 1981 (age 88)
Madison, Wisconsin

During the early 1900's, he a magician working tent shows and vaudeville. He performed 21 acts including song and dance, juggling, mindreading, acrobatics, weight lifting, story telling, boxing, and piano playing. From the 1930's and into the 1950's Bergor entered the sports show circuit traveling the midwest. He also would do escapes and challenges.

Bergor was one of the original charter members of the Wisconsin I.B.M. Ring #31 back in the 1900's.

He was presented the "Houdini Award", engraved leather bound photo book containing photos of Houdini and a letter to the club by Bess Houdini for his "Original Combination Trunk and Straitjacket Escape and Substitution" during the Houdini Club of Wisconsin's third convention in 1940. After winning the award at two more consecutive conventions, the award became his to keep. After his death in 1981 the award was donated to the Wisconsin Historical Society.[1]

He was active up to his death as a booking agent in the Madison area. [2]

The IBM Ring No. 31 in Madison, Wiscedsin is named in his honor.[3]


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