Bennett Springer

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Bennett Springer
Borncirca 1859
DiedApril 14, 1937 (age 77)
Allston, Massachusetts

Bennett Springer (c.1859-1937) was a magician and inventor from the Boston area who worked the Chautauqua circuit.[1]


For over forty years he played at all of the well known summer resort hotels in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and along the coast of Maine. For many winters he has played the played the Florida hotels.

Springer taught many prominent amateurs of Boston and coached a number of professionals over the country.

He coined the word Cadistry around 1885 to indicate tricks, sleights and nourishes with cards.

Ben Ames Williams made him the leading character of a Saturday Evening Post story in which much of his patter was given verbatim.

Springer died at the age 78 in his home at Allston, Massachusetts [2]


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