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Bernard Box is a variation of the Okito Coin Box which was created by Bobby Bernard around the early 1960's.
Ad in Abra October 6, 1962

Variations on the standard Okito Box were that:

  • entailed only one lid reversal move
  • enabled coins to be loaded easily inside the box
  • enabled coin changes without the use of gaffs
  • could double up as a Boston (or German) box.

The basic modus operandi was that the base of the box moved. It's construction was such that the box was basically a piece of brass tubing (slightly lipped) with a disc inside that fell easily from one end to the other when reversed. To this end, imagine filling the box with coins then performing the reversal as the lid is placed on. The coins could (as with any Okito Box) be stolen; thus enabling the inner disk to fall to the bottom. If the lid was immediately removed without any other moves to show an empty box.

It has been renamed a 'BO Box' (Beyond Okito), but Bernard never called it by that name.

They were not produced in great numbers and sold them only to friends at the Magic Circle or to his students. Later, Pat Page manufactured them for him and Ken Brooke sold a few.[1]


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