Bert Reese

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Bert Reese
BornBerthold Reise
circa 1841
Posen, Poland
Diedcirca 1926 (age 84)

Bert Reese was a mind reader known for is skill with Billet Reading and conveyed to his "sitters that he had X-ray vision, which enabled him to discern written messages.

Reese emigrated to New York in 1861 and changed the spelling of his name to Reese. He became fascinated by a billet reader called Charles H. Foster, The Salem Seer and eventually became his pupil.

He reputation grew and psychic researchers, including Baron von Schrenck Notzing, hailed him as a remarkable clairvoyant, psychic, and message giver. He never declared himself to be a spiritualist, nor did he profess to have supernatural powers.[1]


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