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Bobby Bernard (born ?) is a British magician who has made contributions to many magazines including the Pentagram and Apocalypse. He is highly thought after as a mentor.


Bernard was a sickly child, so he was sent off to Wales to recuperate. When he came back to London his mother used to bribe him to go to the hospital by taking him to a magic shop.

He worked as a professional magician for 50 years before retiring.

He was a member of the group that used to meet every Saturday in London with Jack Avis, Roy Walton and Alex Elmsley.

The Bobby Bernard False Cut is in Card College Volume 1.


  • Magic in Miniature Lecture Notes (1958)
  • Bernard's Lesson on Coin Magic written by Lewis Ganson (1978)
  • Bernard's Lesson on Dice Stacking written by Lewis Ganson (1979)
  • Chapter 8: A Session with Bobby Bernard in The Art of Close Up Magic, Vol. 2, page 208 by Lewis Ganson (1969)


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