Breslaw's Last Legacy

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Breslaw's Last Legacy; Or the Magical Companion: Containing All that is Curious, Pleasing, Entertaining, and Comical; ... Including the Various Exhibitions of Those Wonderful Artists: Breslaw, Sieur Comus, Jonas, &c. ... With an Accurate Description of the Method how to Make the Air Balloon ... was a book inspired by Philip Breslaw and published in 1784.

Breslaw's Last Legacy
AuthorPhilip Breslaw
Publication Date1784

Based on the number of editions published, Breslaw's Last Legacy ranks as one of the most popular antiquarian magic books published in English.

Items described include bringing a dead fly back to life, making your companions appear hideous, pulling off a person's shirt without undressing him and making a selected card jump out of the pack.

"Breslaw may have compiled the eighteenth-century editions ... It is clear, however, that he was not responsible for the many small pamphlets of the same title published in the early nineteenth century." -- Trevor Hall in Old Conjuring Books.


  • First edition (1784)
  • Second edition (1784)
  • Fifth edition London, W. Lane (1791)
  • Breslaw's Last Legacy: Or, the Conjuror Unmasked, with Great Additions and Improvements (1792)
  • Sixth edition Dublin, J. Rice, (1793)
  • The twelfth edition, with great additions and improvements printed for J. Barker; and sold by B. Crosby (1794)
  • American Edition in Philadelphia (1811) (Making it the fourth American book devoted to magic)
  • A facsimile of the 1795 edition with new forward by Byron Walker (1997)
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