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[[Image:By-forces-unseen.jpg|thumb|top|200px|By Forces Unseen]]
[[Image:By-forces-unseen.jpg|thumb|top|200px|By Forces Unseen]]
[[By Forces Unseen]] is a [[Card Magic Books | Card Magic Book]] by [[Stephen Minch]].
{{BookInfo|Stephen Minch|Hermetic Press|1993}} is a [[Card Magic Books | Card Magic Book]] subtitled ''The Innovative Card Magic of [[Ernest Earick]]''
Subtitled ''The Innovative Card Magic of [[Ernest Earick]]''
It was published by [[Hermetic Press]] in {{book|1993}}.
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*Index of Sleights
*Index of Sleights
[[Category:Books published by Hermetic Press]]
[[Category:Close Up Magic Books]]
[[Category:Close Up Magic Books]]
[[Category:Books published in 1993]]

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By Forces Unseen

Template:BookInfo is a Card Magic Book subtitled The Innovative Card Magic of Ernest Earick




  • Apologia
  • Part One: Tight Tricks and a Loose Sleight
    • Claptrap
    • Proteus
    • JackSyna(ps)ces
    • Lonely at the Top
    • House Guest
    • The Longitudinal Swivel Steal
    • Thought Manifest
    • Bureau d'Echange
    • Kato-nine-tails
    • Yours Mine Yours
    • Alone in a Crowd
    • A Flippant Triumph
    • Bottomland Aces
  • Intermission:
    • Double Damned
  • Part Two: See Them Shuffling Along
    • Cross Purpose
    • Lustig for Life
    • One Shuffle - One Winner
    • Poker Blind
    • Tandem in One
    • The Case of the Inconstant Player
    • A Little Bit Patter
  • Index of Sleights
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