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(Published versions)
(Published versions)
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== Published versions ==
== Published versions ==
* ''Call to the Colors'' in [[Card Magic for Amateurs and Professionals]] by [[Bill Simon]] (ex [[Effective Card Magic]], 1952)
* ''Call to the Colors'' in Card Magic for Amateurs and Professionals by [[Bill Simon]] (ex [[Effective Card Magic]], 1952)
[[Category:Card Plots]]
[[Category:Card Plots]]

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Call to the Colors is a classic plot in card magic in which the magician is able to deal any color he chooses. From a shuffled deck, the magician deals out the cards into red-black order, then red-red-black-black, then red-red-red-black-black-black, finally in any combination called by the spectator.

In "Card Magic for Amateurs and Professionals", Bill Simon says he based his routine on a principle by John Scarne used in "Scarne Card Puzzle". He also mentions that Cardini previously introduced a similar effect.

Published versions

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