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== References ==
== References ==
* Cover [[Genii 1941 September]]
[[Category:American magicians|Fleming]]
[[Category:American magicians|Fleming]]

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Carl Fleming (October 13, 1890 - September 2, 1940), was born Caryl Stacy Fleming in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

In 1917, he was employed by Film Craft Corporation in New York City as a motion picture director. Caryl worked as an actor, director, writer and amateur magician in New York and later in Los Angeles.

In 1938, he helped charter the International Brotherhood of Magicians "Hollywood RING 21" which was later changed to the "Caryl Fleming RING". He was also a president of the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians.

He was known for making special chemicals, like It's a Pip liquid which he created with Charles W. Fricke (Judge) in 1937.

Wrote in Genii a series of articles (12) entitled So Your Club Is Going to Give a Show ? from sept. 1936 to aug. 1937.

He died in Los Angeles while performing a card trick, just one month before his 50th birthday.


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