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== Books ==
== Books ==
* Carl Rosini — His Life and His Magic By [[Robert Olson]] (1966)
* [[Carl Rosini — His Life and His Magic]] By [[Robert Olson]] (1966)
[[Category:Biographies|Rosini, Carl]]
[[Category:Biographies|Rosini, Carl]]
[[Category:Professional magicians|Rosini, Carl]]
[[Category:Professional magicians|Rosini, Carl]]
[[Category:Polish magicians|Rosini, Carl]]
[[Category:Polish magicians|Rosini, Carl]]

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Carl Rosini (January 14, 1885 - Februray 23, 1969) born Jakob (Johan) Rosenzweig in Poland, was a world famous magician who performed for crowned heads of Europe, Prime Minister Churchill and President Roosevelt.


Rosini started his magic career as an assistant to The Great Anthony, who billed himself as "The Swankiest Swank of All the Swanks". Anthony did a hypnotism act and would apparently hypnotized Rosini. Rosini would then perform his magic act.

After leaving Anthony, Rosini met Harry Houdini's agent, Harry Day. Day was so impressed he got Rosini booked for two years at Ramsgate and Eastbourne.

Rosini then moved to London where he met Sims, a magician known for his coins and cards. Sims was appearing at the Alhambra, which he had a long and attractive contract, but other commitments required him to leave. He recommended Carl as a successor. While working on the Alhambra, Rosini met Ten Ichi and his daughter Tenka. Ten Ichi was featuring the Thumb Tie. Ichi asked Carl to teach Tenka a billiard ball manipulation and in return he would teach Carl the thumb tie. Carl would later go on to feature the thumb tie very successfully in his act.

In 1906, Rosini was one of the featured acts along with a ballet number. He met and soon married one of the ballerinas, Peggy Barclay. She became his assistant in the act.

For many months the Rosinis toured Germany around 1909. In 1910, they toured South America. After another stint in England around 1911, they emigrated to the United States and toured the Vaudeville circuit.

From 1913 to 1914 the Rosinis toured with Harry Lauder throughout the United States. Carl was a mentor to a young Paul Vucci, who would ended up taking on his mentor's name and performing as Paul Rosini.

Carl and his wife entertained the troops in 1943 as part of the USO tour during World War II.

After 45 years in show business, in 1948, the Rosinis retired from active show business to Flushing. New York where Carl became an active member of both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Society of American Magicians. They eventually moved to Clearwater Florida where they stayed until his death.

Rosini is credited with originating the Vanishing Cane (very similar to that marketed by Russ Walsh) in 1906, as well as other items in the catalogs of Holden and Tannen.


  • SAM Assembly in Clearwater, Florida was named the Carl Rosini Assembly.


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