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== subcategories ==
== subcategories ==
[[sucker effects]] - [[children's props]] - [[clown magic]] - [[puppets and magic]]
[[sucker effects]] - [[children's props]] - [[clown magic]] - [[puppets and magic]] - [[Books on Performing for Children]]

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Children's Magic

Magic performed for an audience of children has developed and evolved over the years. In the earlier days, children were treated as young adults and they were expected to sit up straight and pay attention as if the magical performance was a class and they were merely poilite, quiet observors. But children are a magician's most enthusiastic audience, and love to laugh and participate as much as possible. Specialists in childrens entertainment have learned to cultivate the natural curiosity and enthusiasm of children and play with their audiences.


sucker effects - children's props - clown magic - puppets and magic - Books on Performing for Children

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