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Charles Andress
BornJanuary 15, 1852
Brookville, Canada
DiedAugust 26, 1933 (age 81)
Great Bend, Kansas

Charles (Uncle Charley) Andress was a succesfful magician with his "Carnival of Novelties" show which debuted in 1872 (being one of the first to use the word Carnival in connection with a show.)

Though he seldom played the larger cities, Andress toured with his full evening of wizardry for more than half a century.[1]

His first public appearance was with Capt. Thomas, the English magician, in the Michigan billed as The Boy Ventriloquist, Imitator, and 'Fiddler' in 1865. He later performed on his own as "Andress, the Boy Magician".

In 1882, he traveled under as "Andress Big Circus and Two Hemisphere Menagerie".

He eventually purchased a 1200 acre ranch in Kansas, near Great Bend.

Harry Kellar, shortly before his death in Los Angeles, gave Andress the title of "The Last of the Old Masters in Magic."

After his first wife passed on, Andress at 80 years old, married again to a a young lady of 27.[2]

He was a devoted member of the I. B. M., No. 573.[3]


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