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Conference on Magic History

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Los Angeles Conference on Magic History is a biennial invitation-only conference organized and hosted by Ricky Jay, Mike Caveney, John Gaughan and Jim Steinmeyer. The purpose of the conference is to showcase historical magic.


  1. 1989 - 02/04 November: De Kolta's Expanding Die, Automata, Thayer magic. Genii 1989 August
  2. 1991 - 07/09 November: Rene Lavand, The Charles Carter Show. Genii 1992 January
  3. 1993 - Hooker Card Rise, Sawing a Woman in Halves.
  4. 1995 - 09/11 November: Tribute to Robert Lund, The Blue Room. Genii 1995 December
  5. 1997 - Will, the Witch and the Watch, the Chess Automaton.
  6. 1999 - 11/13 November: The Mascot Moth, the Automaton Clarinet Player. Genii 2000 January
  7. 2001 - Guy Jarrett’s creations, The Million Dollar Mystery, The Great Fasola. Genii 2002 January
  8. 2003 - 06/08 November: Tanagra, Lesley Hazlitt (Piddington), Devant’s Chocolate Soldier from St. George's Hall and Morritt’s famous Oh! illusion from Egyptian Hall. Brindamour, “The Original Jail Breaker and Handcuff King” Genii 2004 January
  9. 2005 - The Wrestling Cheese, Professor Thomas Tobin’s Palingenesia, Del Adelphia, and Kellar’s Psycho. Genii 2006 January
  10. 2007 - Hooker Rising Cards. Genii 2008 January
  11. 2009 - Robert-Houdin's Orange Tree, David Devant's Beau Brocade, Charles Morritt's Goodbye Winter and Pierre-Jacques de Loutherbourg's Eidophusikon. Genii 2010 January