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Conjurer was the Official Organ of the Australian Society of Magicians and New Zealand Magical Societies published monthly by J. Albert Briggs

It began in January 1922 after the Magic Mirror ceased publication.

The Conjurer ran for 24 issues and suspended publication in June of 1924, with Vol. 3 No. 5. when Briggs then started Magic in Australia.

He then revived The Conjurer in September of 1925 with Vol. 4, No. 1. for another five issues with the last being January, 1927. In his last issue, he announced his intention of publishing Australian Magic News.

Conjurer (new series)

Briggs resurrected The Conjurer (new series) in January of 1934 as a monthly for 24 issues.

With issue No. 24, the decision was made to become a quarterly:

  • No. 25, Feb. 1936
  • No. 28, Nov., 1936
  • No. 29, Jan. 1937
  • No. 31, Aug.-Sep.,1937
  • No. 32, Oct.-Nov.-Dec., 1937
  • No. 33, Mar., 1938
  • No. 34, June, 1938
  • No. 35, Oct., 1938
  • No. 36, Dec. 1938-Jan. 1939 (Dated January 1938 on the cover, but December, 1938 on the inside first page)


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