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Doctor Wilson Magical Society was formed on December 3, 1933 in Kansas City, Missiouri.

The following magis were present at the first meeting: Gaius Bennett, John E. Kepner, Walter Roazer, Jack Young, Wm. Lynch, Donald Ollis, Carl Sjoholm and and Arthur C. Spratt. Bennett was elected president. Dr. E. G. Ervin was made honorary life member No. 1.[1]

The members pledged themselves to uphold the traditions and ideals of our worthy name-sake and to try and revive interest in things magical in Kansas City, which has been on the decline after the Robert Houdin Club ceased to function.[2]

Their newsletter was the Wilsonian (named "The Little Sphinx" in its first issue) which started publishing around March 1934 with Spratt as editor in chief.


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