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Donald Holmes (September 23, 1879 - December 30, 1958), born Donald Holmes Alsdorf in Albion, Michigan, was an amatuer magician, inventor and dealer

Holmes started in magic in the early 1880s and was a mail order dealer out of Texas before moving to Kansas City, Missouri. His house organs for his business were Holmes' Trade Sheet (1916) (4 issues) followed by Holmes' Magical Notes and Comments 1917- 1920 (39 issues).

He created the "Perfection Rising Cards" effect and marketed many of Billy Russell inventions.

Holmes was a charter member of the Robert Houdin Club and his private collection of magical apparatus is one of the largest in this country at the time.


  • Some Modern Conjuring (1909)
  • The Magic Art
  • Holmes' Conjuring Serials
    • Serial No, 1 - Some Modern Conjuring
    • Serial No. 2 - New Card Tricks
    • Serial No. 3 - Tricks With Prepared Cards


  • Cover Sphinx September, 1916.
  • Mention of his passing away - Genii 1959 April page 295
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