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*[[Thought Wings Onward]] (1939)
*[[Thought Wings Onward]] (1939)
*Entertaining Children with Magic (1939)
*[[Entertaining Children with Magic]] (1939)
*Futuristic Foursome with J.G. Thompson, Jr. (1945)
*Futuristic Foursome (with J.G. Thompson, Jr.] (1945)
== References ==
== References ==
* EDDIE CLEVER By Bob Weill, Linking Ring, June 1944.
* EDDIE CLEVER By Bob Weill, [[Linking Ring]], June 1944.

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Eddie Clever (July 3, 1904 - March 15, 1975), born Edward D. Rupp, was brought up in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

In 1924, Clever left high school for show business and in the 15 years that followed, played medicine shows and other engagements. It was during this time he met Ted Annemann who was also playing the medicine show circuit.

In the early 30s, with show business fading, Clever took a civil service job with the New Cumberland Army Depot.

Clever was on the cover of Linking Ring, June 1944 where he was an editor of the "Parade". Clever, along with Bob Weill and Joe Ovette, started the Hocus Pocus Parade column in the magazine, the first column to place all effects under one heading. Clever remained as editor until 1968.

In 1947 he contracted multiple sclerosis and was forced to retire. In spite of his illness that forced the use a wheel chair, Clever continued to work, devoting most of his efforts to mentalism.

Clever also wrote one of the first hardbound books on performing for children called "Entertaining Children with Magic"

In 1967, IBM Ring No. 20 of Harrisburg, PA, honored Clever by naming it the Eddie Clever Keystone Ring

Eddie often used the expression, "Magicians are the grandest people on earth."



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