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[[Category:American magicians |Fechter]]
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Eddie Fechter (February 16, 1916 - March 31, 1979), born Edwin John in Buffalo New York, was a bar magician at his Forks Hotel restaurant outside of Buffalo. He hosted the first close-up convention known as Fetcher's Finger Flinging Frolics there in 1969. He was known as Fast Fingers Eddie and Slippery Ed to the public.

In 1943, Eddie joined the U.S. Army and spent most of his time stationed at Fort Mead, Maryland, working at the Special Services office. He performed his magic at a number of army posts and gave demonstrations on gambling and dice handling.

After getting out of the army, he opened Fechter's Magic Bar in Orchid Park, New York, but it only lasted a few months. He then worked as a bartender and resident magician for a V.F.W. Post in Buffalo. After saving enough money, he opened another bar called Fechter's in 1952. Then in 1958, he bought the now-famous Forks Hotel restaurant.

Eddie died of leukemia after battling it for five years.


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