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Eddie Joseph (December 3, 1899 - June 1, 1974) performed under the name Eddie Jason and lived most of his life in India but later moved to England, working for Max Andrews.

It's been said that he tried to invent one new trick every day. He wrote over 70 books and pamphlets and contributed many articles to Genii and The New Tops.

The IBM Ring in Bombay, India is known as the Eddie Joseph Ring.


  • Card Bonanza
  • Dumbfounders with Cards
  • How to Pick Pockets
  • Last Word On the Cups and Balls
  • The Art of Eddie Joseph
  • The Art of Body Loading
  • The Manual of the 3 Shell Game
  • Magic and Mysteries of India,
  • "Eddie Joseph on..." series
    • Cups and Balls
    • The Hindu Cups
    • Coin and Money Magic (1942)
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