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Equality Magicians Club of America (E.M.C.A) was started by Collins Pentz of Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1934. The basement of his Eagle Magic Company was used as the headquarters.[1]

Dues were fifty cents, and it's monthly newsletter, E.M.C.A. Magic News was sold to it's members at half price (five cents).[2]

It was reported in the February 1935 issue of the Sphinx that "Though only four months old the Equality Magicians Club of America now has over 125 members in twenty states."

They sponsored a six day Minneapolis Magicians Convention from June 10 to 15 in 1935 [3]

By the end of 1935, Collins was publishing in his Eagle Magician that dues would be free if you bought "fifty cents worth of New Magic Tricks, Books or Magazines each month" from him.


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