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The Escape Wizard was printed in Atlantic City by Charles A. Bohem and edited by Von Tome. The four-page magazine sold at 10c per copy and subscription $1 per year.

The first issue in April, 1946 featured:

  • Hardeen's Milk Can Escape Explained
  • Handcuff Secrets Exposed by Von Tome,
  • Locks and Lock Picking
  • The Von Tome $1,000 Challenge.

The second issue contained about the same type of material and a notification that the subscription price had been reduced to 50c a year with single copies priced at 5c.

The third issue, which featured Dunninger on the cover, continued with articles on lock picking and of interest was a notice that all those sending subscriptions before June 30 would receive one of Von Tome's improved skeleton keys. A new department called Magic Department, had a drinkable wine and water trick and a version of the torn and restored tissue paper.

After the third issue, The Escape Wizard was discontinued and in its place The Wizard Monthly was published.


  • Linking Ring February 1953, page 46
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