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(1970 Amsterdam XI World Championship)
(2006 Stockholm XXIII World Championship)
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*General Magic - [[Eun Gyeol Lee]] Rep. of Korea
*General Magic - [[Eun Gyeol Lee]] Rep. of Korea
*Micromagic - [[Martin Eisele]] Germany
*Micromagic - [[Martin Eisele]] Germany
*Close-up Card - [[Helder Guimaraes]] Portugal
*Close-up Card - [[Helder Guimeraes]] Portugal
*Parlour Magic -[[Gaston]] Germany
*Parlour Magic -[[Gaston]] Germany
*Stage Illusions -[[Sittah]] The Netherlands
*Stage Illusions -[[Sittah]] The Netherlands
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===1976 Vienna XIII World Championship===
===1976 Vienna XIII World Championship===
*Manipulation Magic Christian Austria
*Manipulation - [[Magic Christian]] Austria
*General Magic Domi Nho France
*General Magic - [[Domi Nho]] France
*Invention Juliani Switzerlands
*Invention - [[Juliani]] Switzerlands
*Micromagic Heinz Freundt Austria
*Micromagic - [[Heinz Freundt]] Austria
*Close-up Card Trevor Lewis Wales
*Close-up Card - [[Trevor Lewis]] Wales
*Comedy Roy Gardner&Wittus Witt Germany
*Comedy - [[Roy Gardner]]&[[Wittus Witt]] Germany
*Ladies Aniko Hungary
*Ladies - [[Aniko]] Hungary
*Stage Illusions The Morettis Germany
*Stage Illusions - [[The Morettis]] Germany
=== 1973 Paris XII World Championship ===
=== 1973 Paris XII World Championship ===
*Manipulation Christian Austria
*Manipulation - [[Christian]] Austria
*General Magic Toreno Norway
*General Magic - [[Toreno]] Norway
*Invention Lipp Germany
*Invention - [[Lipp]] Germany
*Micromagic Camilo Spain
*Micromagic - [[Camilo]] Spain
*Close-up Card Juan Tamariz Spain
*Close-up Card - [[Juan Tamariz]] Spain
*Comedy Haraldini Germany
*Comedy - [[Haraldini]] Germany
*Stage Illusions Katawu Japan
*Stage Illusions - [[Katawu]] Japan
===1970 Amsterdam XI World Championship===
===1970 Amsterdam XI World Championship===
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== References==
== References==
* [ Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (FISM)]
* [ Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (FISM)]
* [ "A history of FISM"], by [[Max Maven]], originally published in [[Genii 2006 October]], Vol. 69, 10.
* [ "A history of FISM"], by [[Max Maven]], originally published in [[Genii 2006 October]], Vol. 69, No. 10.
[[Category:Magic Organizations]]
[[Category:Magic Organizations]]

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The Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (FISM) (International Federation of Magic Societies) was founded in 1948, and is one of the most respected organizations in the industry. It is an international body coordinating dozens of national and international clubs and federations around the world, representing approximately 50,000 Magicians from 32 countries.

The FISM is probably best known for conducting one of the premier magic conventions in the world, the triennial "World Championship of Magic". The 2006 convention was held in Stockholm, Sweden.

The next FISM will be held in 2009 in Beijing, China.


Brief History

The roots of the FISM began in Paris, France, in 1937, at a meeting of the 34-year-old ASAP, Association Syndicale des Artistes Prestigitateurs (Association of prestidigitation artists), which had a monthly magazine Le Journal de la Prestidigitation.

In 1946, a hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, hosted an International Congress of Magicians, with over 300 registrants from around Europe.

The 1947 "Congrès Magique International" brought in 500 attendees from 18 countries, and 70 participants in the competition. Meetings at that convention were held to discuss the creation of a formal international organization, and that was where the FISM title was proposed.

The first FISM began in 1948 at Lausanne (Switzerland). Here were the results:

Country Name Category Place
England Willane Grand prix 1
France Jean Valton Manipulation 1
England Paula Baird Manipulation 2
Switzerland Zano Manipulation 3
Denmark Haakon Edeling Presentation 1
The Netherlands Van Dijl Presentation 2
France Dominique Presentation 3
England Burtini Invention 1
France Gaulthron Invention Prix special
France Rogello Allied Art 1

Gran Prix Winners & World Championships

World Magic Champions

2006 Stockholm XXIII World Championship

2003 Den Haag XXII World Championship

2000 Lisbon XXI World Championship

1997 Dresden XX World Championship

1994 Yokohama XIX World Championship

1991 Lausanne XVIII World Championship

1988 Den Haag XVII World Championship

1985 Madrid XVI World Championship

1982 Lausanne XV World Championship

1979 Brussels XIV World Championship

1976 Vienna XIII World Championship

1973 Paris XII World Championship

1970 Amsterdam XI World Championship

1967 Baden-Baden X World Championship

1964 Barcelona IX World Championship

1961 Liege VIII World Championship

1958 Vienna VII World Championship

1955 Amsterdam VI World Championship

1952 Geneva V World Championship

1951 Paris IV World Championship

1950 Barcelona III World Championship

1949 Amsterdam II World Championship

1948 Lausanne I World Championship


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