Frank Marshall

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Frank Marshall
BornSeptember 13, 1946

Frank Marshall (born September 13, 1946 in California) is an Academy Award nominated Producer (many of the films themselves have won Oscars) whose partial list of credits include E.T., the Indiana Jones series, the Back to the Future trilogy, The Color Purple, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Empire of the Sun (on which you can see his hands perform a coin sleight), Poltergeist, the Bourne Identity series, and the Sixth Sense. Frank made his directorial debut in 1990 with Arachnophobia. Together with his equally famous wife Kathleen, they formed the Kennedy/Marshall Company. A note of interest is that Frank's Father wrote the theme tune to "The Munsters" TV show.

On rare occasion Frank performs comedy magic under his stage name "Doc Fantasy". He usually does a little show at the end of each movie for the crew in the style of Tommy Cooper.[1]


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  1. Interview by Rob Carnevale for BBC
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