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Genii 1993 November

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Genii 1993 November
DateNovember 1993
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  • Page 01: Houdini Special issue. Compiled, Edited & Layout by Patrick Culliton and T.L. Williams

  • Page 21: Houdini, A Magician for the Ages by Patrick Culliton
  • Page 23: Outline-Society Sketch by Harry Houdini
  • Page 24: Bahl Yahn the Strong Man by Harry Houdini
  • Page 26: Manny by Patrick Culliton
  • Page 27: Flight and Magic by Harry Houdini
  • Page 29: Buried Alive by Patrick Culliton
  • Page 32 Where the Magic Went by Patrick Culliton


  • Page 34: Magicana
    • Ordered Surprise by Jim Lewis
    • False Shuffle
    • False Cut
  • Page 37: CNN by Phil Goldstein
  • Page 38: The Kris Kringle Quiz 154th in a series of Illusion Plans created by Paul Osborne
  • Page 40: Under the Banyan Tree: The Protest Illusion by Ali Bongo 40
  • Page 44: Across the Ocean: Jumping Sandwich by Jean-Pierre Vallarino 44
  • Page 66: Fulminations#25: Vallarino's Staircase Control by Jean-Pierre Vallarino


  • Page 34: Magicana edited by Tony Giorgio
  • Page 40: Under The Banyan Tree by Ali Bongo
  • Page 42: Shattering Illusions by Jamy Ian Swiss
  • Page 51: Convention Reports
  • Page 66: Fulminations #25: Ouellet is Erdnase without the Pizzazz by Gary Ouellet


  • Page 20: Genii Speaks by Dante Larsen
  • Page 35: Intermission By Tony Giorgio
  • Page 35: The Giorgio Letters by Tony Giorgio
  • Page 44: Across the Ocean by Aldo Colombini
  • Page 45: Corporate Magic by Michael Canick
  • Page 46-47 Light from the Lamp by T.A. Waters
  • Page 48:Sorcerer's Sidearms Product reviews by David Avadon


  • Page 54: Conventions Coming
  • Page 55: Free classified ads